Proving your value proposition

As a new or recently launched Fintech business, you have an unparalleled opportunity to design your business to meet your customers’ needs. Your advantage over established firms is your ability to create an offer that’s driven by your customers, where established firms are driven by their existing products, processes and data.

At this stage in your lifecycle, it’s possible to prove the need for your product or service, which is why we work with Fintech, Regtech and Insurtech firms to deliver their Proven Customer Vision (PCV). The PCV delivers a customer-led strategy for your business that drives exponential growth.

Validation and the start-up lifecycle

Capturing and quantifying your market’s needs enables you to create a plan for building your business and can help prove the value of your business as you seek to grow through investment.

What is the PCV?

The PCV is built on the simple premise of talking to your target market and creating a strategy to align your offer with their needs.

Many young fin services businesses make the understandable mistake of focusing on their belief and vision for their product, which then drives everything they do. Focusing on product features, rather than customers’ needs can lead to wasted investment in product development, marketing channels and campaigns.

Designed specifically for Fintech businesses, the PCV enables us to map your offer and business goals against the needs of your customers. It delivers the insights to enhance your product offer, build better digital strategies, more effective websites and optimised campaigns. It is also designed to deliver empirical proof of the value of your product or service to your customers.

Why invest in the PCV?

We created the PCV as a response to working with Fintech firms through their inception, launch and growth phases, seeing the need to create a smart way to provide target market validation. For a nominal additional investment, our clients could remove much of the uncertainty that comes with establishing a Fintech business.

The PCV delivers a plan for growth that is proven to meet the needs of both your actual and potential customers – reducing uncertainty and delivering rapid growth.

How does it work?

The PCV is built around target market, industry and internal research. It delivers insights about your customers’ personas and user journeys, allowing us to identify their rational and emotional drivers and subsequent behaviours.  It allows us to demonstrate the need for your offer and then produce a plan for connecting you to your audience.

We map your business priorities against your target market journeys, creating an actionable plan for your client interactions, including your brand, website and campaigns.

Proving your value proposition

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