The work

Qantas is one of Australia’s most recognised and prestigious brands and its employees some of the most passionate and engaged we’ve encountered. It was therefore a pleasure that Yell had the opportunity to positively impact on their lives by working with Qantas Super, to reimagine its digital member experience (DME).

In what was a fine example of a visionary client brief, Yell was asked to define what the ideal member-centric digital experience could look like and how it could be delivered over a three-year period. Alongside this long-term strategic vision, we were also asked to meet a short-term imperative, of delivering a refresh of Qantas Super’s primary digital channel.

While apparently contradictory, these two demands helped keep the focus of the project on the realities of bringing the insights we uncovered into practice, delivering practical outcomes, as well as a broader vision.

Before we could do any long or short-term solution development, we needed insights. With member outcomes being our key measures, it was essential that we build a CX program of service design activities that allowed us to interact with members, one to one and in groups.

Working closely with our client, we selected a cross-section of this incredibly diverse organisation to work with. From ground crew to pilots, from retirees to ex-employees, we covered as many conceivable perspectives as possible, leading to the development of 9 core personas, of which 4 were developed into journeys and a set of tasks and outcomes.

The tasks, problems and outcomes were captured, organised and prioritised into a set of deliverables that became the focus of our short-term deliverable and long-term strategy.

The entire project was briefed, scoped and delivered in three months, in order to allow us time to create the new site before the end of financial year.

The solution

The service design component of the project empowered us to take a member centric approach, empowering us to influence Qantas Super to change the conversation around super with its members.

The insights allowed us to better understand the digital needs of Qantas Super members, based around our 4 key personas. These personas aligned with the 4 key life stages of super, which enabled us to better segment their needs and tasks.

We shifted the organisation away from a traditional, product focussed approach, to a life-stage and needs-based engagement model. Instead of talking to ‘superannuation’, ‘investments’ and ‘insurance’, we based our recommendations around ‘your money’ and ‘your journey’, highlighting only the key actions and information needed to meet the needs of members.

Alongside these immediate priorities, we were able to identify and define the needs of members and the business for the next three years. This set of priorities became our roadmap for delivering an exceptional DME and informs the high-level plan for the next 3 years of collaboration with Qantas Super.

We captured all of the insights and outputs of the project in our DME Blueprint, a document that is a tangible symbol of the recommendations, which can be shared amongst the wider organisation.

The outcomes of the DME roadmap project have been recognised as one of the top projects in Qantas in 2018.  The personas and customer journeys created have been embraced by the Qantas Super team, informing operational outcomes, outside of the primary digital focus on the project.