The work

Marketech is a new entrant into a crowded space – online share trading. Created by trading experts who saw Australian retail traders being underserved and overcharged, Marketech launched with little fanfare and a lack of focus around how it could help traders get a fairer deal.

Most suitable for active traders, Marketech is a platform that features market-leading technology, with an honest pricing model that reflects the underlying cost of trading and data, rather the need to drive high profits. It’s an ethos that wasn’t reflected in its positioning or visual identity.

With new entrants coming into the market every month, Marketech’s lack of clear differentiation and middle-of-the-road brand identity meant it was struggling to cut through.

It needed help in transforming its brand experience with Australian traders.  It needed Yell.

The solution

Our initial brief was to increase acquisitions through optimising existing campaigns. We quickly saw that the poor impression created by the existing brand identity was playing a huge role in the lack of engagement and conversion.

Our first priority was to work with Marketech’s senior management to better define what makes their product special. Using trader research, including interviews and quant surveys of customers and prospects, we quickly formed an opinion of current brand perceptions which helped us identify messaging opportunities.

Based on these insights, we formed a view that Marketech’s unique offer of high-quality trading tools, live-streamed price data and low brokerage fees are perfectly suited to active traders who ‘want more’.

The positioning was applied to create a visual identity that feels premium, yet accessible and dynamic. The use of design elements, colour and fonts built on the engaging appeal of the brand, delivering an effective brand experience that stands apart in a noisy, crowded market.