The work

Perpetual Private has an unrivalled reputation with high net worth Australians, with a range of services and capabilities to help them grow and protect their wealth.

Empowered, educated and demanding, Perpetual Private’s clients have an expectation that Perpetual will deliver value and an exceptional experience, from the first engagement.

After a review of their client engagement experience, Perpetual Private determined they needed new tools to help contextualise and demystify what it means to establish a relationship with a Perpetual adviser.

The tools included a video brochure, sent prior to the first meeting and designed to help prepare clients for their introductory meeting with a Perpetual advisor.

Having defined and delivered Perpetual Private Wealth’s CVP, Yell was asked to bring the offer to life, by creating this tool, from concept to managing the production.

The solution

With a value proposition centred on the positioning ‘Great advice endures’ we highlighted that Perpetual stands with their clients for the long haul – building bespoke financial strategies to meet the needs of Australia’s most successful people as their life changes – whether growing their wealth, securing their life after work, or passing on their legacy to the next generation.

This sense of a journey and an enduring relationship came through in the creative concept we developed for a series of videos, a mix of live footage and animations.

We scripted, storyboarded, edited and animated four videos, each of which conveyed a different aspect of the advice relationship, from demonstrating how Perpetual can help clients achieve their goals, to helping them understand what questions they can expect to be asked by their new adviser.

The videos were delivered in a high-quality ‘video-in-print’ package, designed, written and managed by the Yell team. In a world of easily-missed digital content, we delivered a tangible and effective symbol of the nature of the relationship between Perpetual and its clients.

Since delivery of the video brochures began, both clients and advisers have reported greater satisfaction levels from the initial consultation meeting, with advisers also finding greater opportunities for cross-selling of Perpetual’s other services due to a greater understanding of client needs.