The work

Having established itself as a niche player in the online trading market, Marketech had been steadily growing its reputation with a high-quality, market-leading product offer.

Markectech broke the mould of traditional trading business models, offering real-time data, ultra low trading fees and complex trading modelling and charting. Only professional platforms could match the tools and capabilities of the platform.

Having established a differentiated and distinct brand experience through its work with Yell and great word of mouth, it needed to start accelerating its growth.

What it didn’t have was the awareness of trading firms with big budgets and media spend. In a crowded market, if it was to grow, the brand needed to cut through, making the most of its spend, 

It needed to stand out in the crowd, but without the budget, Marketech needed Yell to come up with a smart, striking campaign, that could be delivered through multiple channels.

The solution

The challenge was to address the behavioural blockers of traders who traditionally were resistant to moving from their established trading platform, even if they knew they were overpaying for a lesser trading experience.

To address this challenge, we built a campaign strategy that looked to target a segment of the online trading audience that considered itself tech savvy. We’d appeal to the behavioural drivers by gently attacking the competition, especially the big, established players.

‘Are you trading with a dinosaur?’ asked to headline. Using striking imagery adapted using 3-D modelling, we built a suite of executions that challenged the notion of trading with a platform that was both lesser and more expensive – a model that was now out of date.

Delivered through outdoor, multiple digital executions, radio, print and TVC and pre-roll video, we used smart media buying for targeted executions. This channel mix and distinctive and striking executions earned cut-through and increased trial sign-ups by over 350% during the course of the campaign.