The work

abrdn is a global investment company, based in the UK, that has investment offices across the world, including Australia.

abrdn’s unusual name had come about from a recent brand refresh that saw it move away from its established Aberdeen Investments brand, to differentiate itself from the town from where it emerged over 150 years beforehand.

Yell had worked on local applications of the global brand, helping the Asiapac marketing team learn and adapt to the new look and feel. 

Having earned their trust, Yell was entrusted with the responsibility of creating the campaign and assets for its first major event globally using the new brand.

The solution

We designed and created an overall event theme, leveraging key elements of the new brand to create an engaging and relevant experience design.

Focusing on sustainability and ESG, we sourced and validated all imagery, defining the tone for the event, adding humanity and accessibility through strong, consistent visuals.

Taking key messaging from event themes and speaker content, we built a design system that encompassed every element of the event, from promotional print and digital content, to speaker graphics, foyer and stage branding, high quality video content, website, digital and social media assets and specifically branded PowerPoint templates. 

Our design system tied all the assets together. It was the first abrdn-branded event since the refresh and feedback was exceptional, demonstrating Yell’s ability to take global, or master brand assets and deploy highly effective and creative local applications. The event was so successful that abrdn’s Sustainability Summit 2023 was hosted, once again, in Singapore earlier this year, using our design system and templated work.