The work

ClubsNSW is the peak representational body for the NSW club industry, managing the advocacy and regulatory requirements of over 1,200 clubs across the state.

This broad remit encapsulates everything from local swimming and bowls clubs to the large-scale venues associated with top tier Rugby League teams.

One of the ways ClubsNSW supports its membership is through creating platforms that empower their day-to-day operations and help them stay in-line with frequently changing regulatory requirements.

With over 42,000 employees, HR compliance is a key area of focus. Previously, clubs deployed solutions to meet individual recruitment, reward, discipline and administration needs. It is a mix that creates more complexity than the problems they solved.

ClubsNSW wanted to ensure that every club has access to the tools it needs to comply with the HR regulations they are subject to. While there are existing tools available that did some of what ClubsNSW needed, it was felt that none catered to the requirements from ClubsNSW’s diverse member base and a bespoke solution was required.

ClubsNSW engaged Yell Creative to research and design the MVP and roadmap of a new HR portal which would solve key business problems, and deliver an engaging experience for users.

The solution

Working in conjunction with ClubsNSW’s digital transformation team, we utilised human-centred design principles to deliver a solution that solved problems for both ClubsNSW and the HR portal’s users.

Primary research included workshops with ClubsNSW and individual clubs, and interviews with users of existing systems to identify key problems and determine priorities for the new system.

Insights from this research were used to define the scope of an MVP and subsequent product roadmap that would ensure that the new system could be rapidly rolled out to meet Clubs’ immediate needs, with further functionality added in subsequent stages.

Even at launch, the MVP needed to deliver a wide number of functions including holding staff details, time-keeping, payroll, performance records and a shift rostering system compliant with NSW award requirements.

Focusing on the outcomes rather than the outputs, we created detailed service design blueprints for each interaction, ensuring that all user actions were considered and catered to.

In a series of design sprints, lo-fi wireframe mock-ups were created and tested with users, before design patterns were created in the standard 12 column Bootstrap framework that ClubsNSW’s internal development team would use to build the final system.

Following testing and sign-off of the wireframes, detailed User Interface designs were developed to give clear direction to the ClubsNSW’s devs. The UI designs were accompanied by a full styleguide and design references to ensure that the finished product would be both visually appealing and consistent with ClubNSW’s look and feel.

Following a successful rollout and adoption of the MVP HR system across NSW, ClubsNSW is now gearing up to start work on the next stage of the roadmap.