What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Value proposition development
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Brand identity
  • Brochure and print collateral
The work

Chi-X has established itself as Australia’s alternative stock exchange, processing 20% of Australia’s equity trades by volume each day. Most Australians are unaware of Chi-X. Even active investors trades have little knowledge of the benefits Chi-X brings to the market, as trades through Chi-X’s platform are conducted by brokers, with little need for investors to engage with the exchange.

Chi-X wants to change this situation. In 2017 it has plans to offer a new and exciting product range to the Australian market, allowing Australian investors to access global investment opportunities.

These products are unique to Chi-X and in order to successfully launch them to a retail audience with limited knowledge of the exchange, Chi-X needed to develop a positioning and visual identity that would instantly build trust, credibility and engagement.

The solution

Chi-X needed a partner that understood that while it was established in terms of institutional relationships, it was a start-up in terms of retail investors.

Taking a customer-led approach, we began by establishing the key personas and audience needs, helping the team at Chi-X better define and understand their offer to the market.

Following this, we developed a distinctive brand positioning, which captured Chi-X’s brand values of agility, boldness, innovation and proactivity. True innovation and a commitment to looking beyond the Australian investment market through bold, differentiated product development were brought to the fore.  This boldness was distilled down to a compelling brand essence: ‘Local market, global opportunities’.

The positioning was then translated into a distinctive brand identity and core collateral. To extend the new brand and ensure that it was futureproof, we created several colour-focused sub-brands, which can be used for future product releases.