The work

Perpetual Corporate Trust launched their Business Intelligence platform in 2017. With the beta-stage of the product complete and an early adopter fully onboarded, they wanted to create an explainer video as part of their pitch and to take their offering to the mass-market.

Business Intelligence is a cloud-based platform built on 15 years of Australian mortgage data, that facilitates reporting, analysis and market benchmarking. Yell had previously developed the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) for Business Intelligence, which provided the strategic foundation for this video project and ensured that it supported the existing sales and marketing efforts.

The brief was to efficiently communicate the benefits of the Business Intelligence product to help pave the way for Perpetual Corporate Trust’s more widespread adoption. The video would be primarily hosted on the Perpetual website to drive awareness and generate leads.

Business Intelligence is a sophisticated enterprise-level product with a broad range of features and benefits for mortgage lenders, so the video needed to communicate exactly who BI was targeted at and how it could help them and their organisations efficiently and engagingly.

The solution

Core to the success of this project was an understanding of exactly what the video needed to achieve: deliver conversions for product demonstrations.  This meant that much of the in-depth technical information about the solution could be delivered in a follow-up meeting, where the sales team had time to do it justice.

Using our existing knowledge of the solution and the needs of the target market, Yell developed a script that leveraged the value proposition to construct the brand story, then overlaid this with product messaging.

After script sign-off, storyboards were created by the Yell studio which translated sophisticated software features into easy-to-understand benefits through beautiful visuals. The Yell in-house animation studio then brought the storyboards to life in 2 minutes of engaging animation.

Soundtrack and voiceover selection were key to strike the right tone and align to the Perpetual brand. We chose a voice that was Australian and friendly, yet confident and knowledgeable, while the supporting music added depth and energy to the video.

The video has been distributed through digital channels and is used by the sales team as part of the face-to-face sales process. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with agreement that with this video we cracked the problem of clarifying a complex concept into an engaging, informative piece of content.