Siv Ung

Navigating the daily demands of the customer experience world can be challenging. Keeping one eye on the fast moving evolution of the CX discipline, whilst staying focused on your own immediate business problems almost requires a CX strategy itself. The good news is there is a now a place where you can mix with other senior CX professionals, share your experiences and learn from theirs.

The CX Collective is a community of senior business leaders established to meet the needs of the Australian CX industry, with Co-chairs from enterprise organisations including IAG, VW and Expedia.

Its members come from many industries and their roles include:

Chief Customer Officer
GM Customer Experience
Heads of CX
GM Digital Experience
Heads of Experience Design
Heads of UX
Heads of NPS
CX Managers

Built around the benefits of connecting face to face with your peers in a vendor neutral environment, the CX Collective gives you access to 8 events between Sydney and Melbourne and an online networking forum.

Through our events and activities you can discover how other organisations have tacked similar CX problems to your own, learn how your peers deployed successful CX initiatives, or just participate in highly passionate conversations about all things CX.

Last year’s sessions featured international guest speakers including Barnaby Dawe from Pret-a-Manger and CX pioneers Scott McCain and Jeanne Bliss from the US.

While our first Sydney event of the year has already sold out (Customer 360 Symposium 2019), there is still a chance to join our next CX Collective session in Sydney on the 7th May at the AMP offices. Yell, as co-founders of the Collective are happy to offer spots to professionals in the Senior CX community interested joining us to see what it’s all about.

If you’re interested, please contact for more information.

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