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Yell Financial Services Campaign

This week we launched the first annual financial services marketing survey. Launching the ‘State of Financial Services Marketing’ is a landmark event for Yell. The survey will be a regular annual event in fin services marketers’ calendars, allowing us to identify hot topic issues and long-term trends and to create ongoing conversations with the industry.

Why launch a survey?

Launching the ‘State of Financial Services Marketing’ enables our clients and their peers to have their say and for Yell to identify valuable insights that will inform the industry on the opportunities and challengers facing fin services marketers.

The financial services industry is both complex and varied, with multiple products, distribution and engagement models. Despite these differences, there are consistencies that fin services marketers share:

  1. Your marketing touches everyone’s lives. As consumers we all engage with fin services providers on a daily basis. There’s no other industry that consumers engage with as actively as fin services and it’s about time the importance of your work was recognised.
  2. Your industry is changing more rapidly than most. The proliferation of choice and increase in competition, disruption of business models by fintech start-ups and erosion of trust in traditional consumer relationships all mean that an industry not built to change has to adapt rapidly – across the board.
  3. You all have to work within tight regulatory and compliance frameworks, rightly designed to protect consumers, but limiting at times to creativity and time consuming to wade through.

The survey seeks to give you the chance to have your say about these common issues and those particular to your segment and for Yell to share important insights about how financial services marketing is evolving. We hope that the survey becomes established as an important part of the financial services calendar and that you continue to see the industry evolve year on year.

What are we hoping to learn?

As a specialist financial services marketing agency, our team has worked both sides of the fence. We have invaluable insights on the individual challenges facing our clients and their customers, but we’re deeply interested in uncovering broader industry trends, issues and opportunities for change.

We’re hoping to understand what other shared considerations exist and where marketers in industry segments see their needs differing from other parts of the industry. Specifically, we’re keen to understand:

  • How deeply are the disruptors affecting how you’re approaching your marketing?
  • Are you fully prepared for the rise of the digital consumer?
  • How are changes in content consumption affecting how you reach your audiences?
  • Are you receiving the level of support you expect from your business to enable change?

We’re sure that many other gems will be uncovered and your contribution is essential in gaining those insights.

How can you get involved?

We’re keen to gain as much participation in the survey as possible, so to give everyone a little incentive, we’re giving away a FitBit Blaze watch to one lucky respondent!

We’d love to include your opinion, so please complete the survey – it should only take around 5-10 minutes at the most. By participating, you’ll be helping your part of the industry find its voice!

What’s next?

Once we have compiled and analysed the results, we’ll be sharing our expert report with all participants, as well as publishing highlights online. Keep an eye out for more updates over the coming weeks.

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