Revitalising brands

As a financial services organisation, your brand is one of your most important assets.

As a constant through your entire Interaction Experience (iX), your brand is the anchor which conveys your values and positions you in the minds of your customers. But over time, brands can lose their lustre.

A visual identity that once felt fresh and distinctive may now feel staid. A positioning statement that once encapsulated how your organisation helps your customers, may no longer accurately convey your benefits.

Yell specialises in revitalising brands for financial services organisations that build connections with your customers.

Revitalising brands

Why focus on your brand?

At a time when customers are having their heads-turned by Fintech start-ups, a strong and distinctive brand is more important than ever.  A revitalised brand can reinvigorate relationships with customers and remind them of why they initially chose you.

Conducting a brand review is also an excellent opportunity to audit and refocus your marketing activity, to ensure that your products and communications are delivering what your customers actually need.

How we create distinctive brands

Creating effective brands is challenging, especially for financial services companies. An industry that is both conservative and dominated by traditional styles and symbols, it can be hard to stand apart with a unique brand identity. Yell Creative’s team are specialists at overcoming these challenges.

Revitalising brands platform

Our expertise comes from a combination of inspirational creative, industry insights and a proven, effective process. We find the strengths and differentiators at the heart of your business and deliver brands that connect with financial services audiences.

Working with Yell

Key to the brand development process is close collaboration. We work closely with clients to develop an identity which will cut through the clutter, communicate your values and position your business firmly in the minds of your customers.

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