The work

For many parts of Australia, the local ‘club’ is a key part of the community. They’re a meeting place, a watering hole and an entertainment venue, with one of the sources of entertainment for many club members being gaming machines.

Within NSW, a condition of granting gaming licences is that Clubs that meet revenue criteria must donate a portion of it back to community projects in the form of ClubGrants.

Through ClubGrants, more than $132m was donated to local community projects through the scheme in 2018 delivering goodwill and life changing projects to communities across NSW.

The process for dispersing the grants involves several stakeholders – community members who apply for the grants, the local club which reviews applications and dispenses grants, Local Government which oversees the process and the representative body ClubsNSW, which ensures Clubs comply with legislation.

With so many parties involved, a friction-free and robust process around the application, review, approval and dispensing of grants is needed to make sure the right financial support is provided to the communities that need it.

ClubsNSW engaged Yell to design the new Club Grants product, a multi stakeholder service design project with the remit to improve the current application process, streamline grant approval workflow, and bring the success stories of ClubGrants to life.

The solution

As with all product design projects, we began this engagement by understanding the needs of the humans that are central to the ClubGrants process.

Interviews and journey mapping workshops were conducted with multiple groups of each stakeholder to capture personas and use cases. Every action across each user journey was captured, including emotional states, barriers and more, allowing us to create detailed personas and journey maps that documented the existing process. Our product design needed to cater to these multiple use cases to achieve the outcome of increasing uptake amongst ClubsNSW members.

Once we understood user needs and use cases, we developed a prioritised roadmap for the design, development and rollout of the new ClubGrants portal.

To cater to the needs of our three stakeholder types, we created three similar but distinct sets of functionalities, depending on user role. User feedback and function requests from power users were baked into the prototypes as we developed 60+ individual wireframed screens. Following extensive user testing to ensure that each stakeholder type could easily and intuitively complete their tasks, the wireframed prototypes were progressed to UI design, with 30 individual screens developed. Following further user testing, the product was supplied to ClubsNSW with portal UI design and a style guide to simplify the development process.

Ultimately, the product we designed is a new community experience that will drive how ClubGrants operates in the future and ensure that more donations are distributed to local communities in a more timely manner.