The work

AltX is one of Australia’s best kept alternative investment secrets. Its mix of highly curated product selection, access to high-yield fixed income returns and exceptional investor experience means that it stands apart from other players.

While its loyal network of investors and borrowers knew all about its strengths, little was known by the wider investor and property development community.

Alongside that, AltX’s marketing channels didn’t reflect the quality of its offer, with a website that felt generic and lacked a clear acquisition path to conversion.

With a significant opportunity to grow restricted by a brand and digital experience that didn’t do justice to the business itself, Yell was brought on board to work with the team to transform its brand and website and set the organisation up for growth.

The solution

We applied a persona-based approach to the process, developing key investor and borrower personas in collaboration with the AltX team and leveraging Yell’s core research insights.

Using personas to inform the brand strategy work empowered us to look at AltX’s offer from the outside, identifying user needs and highlighting aspects of the opportunity and offer that were not previously communicated effectively.

Our brand positioning work focused on conveying the sense of AltX unlocking opportunities previously inaccessible to sophisticated investors, bringing them to the fore through an exceptional process and platform.

Taking this into the brand’s visual identity, we evolved the existing brand – creating a distinctive primary colour palette and a visual language that reflects the diversity of its client base, while increasing the perception of quality.

Our understanding of key persona needs and the new visual identity was then combined to design a new acquisition-focused website to deliver growth for the business.

Using a strategy and UX that broke down the elements of AltX’s process and product to communicate the quality and opportunity AltX offers investors, we transformed the site’s ability to engage prospects and acquire clients.