What we did

  • UX and IA planning
  • Responsive web design
  • Web development
  • Conversion rate optimisation
The work

Yell was engaged by Australian Stock Report to achieve our joint vision of establishing them as Australia’s leading wealth insights firm.  Following the development of a new brand positioning and visual design, Yell was tasked with redesigning and redeveloping the Australian Stock Report website.

While their existing website was effective in attracting new visitors, it was less effective in converting them into leads. Piecemeal development over the years had also resulted in an unclear user experience, making interaction unsatisfactory for both Australian Stock Report staff and website visitors.

The work began with a thorough scoping and UX planning, ensuring that the new website would meet the needs of each of the different user personas who made up Australian Stock Report’s target audience.

As part of our brand positioning work, we had identified four different user personas in Australian Stock Report’s target audience. Each persona was at a different stage of their personal investing journey and each had very different requirements on the information that they needed and the experience that the website needed to provide them. Detailed user journeys were developed to ensure that the new site would provide an excellent user experience for each persona, while also operating effectively as the hub of Australian Stock Report’s inbound marketing and delivering qualified leads.

The solution

The new Australian Stock Report website provides a vastly improved experience for both website visitors and ASR team members and is the perfect tool to help them deliver on their mission to become Australia’s leading wealth insights firm.

Delivering conversions through a best in class user experience is a core focus for the new website. As well as incorporating cutting-edge inbound marketing and lead-generation techniques, our focus was to create a beautiful and intuitive website to which users would want to return.

While the current website had huge amounts of content which was delivering excellent organic search performance, much of it was outdated which resulted in a poor user experience.

We worked closely with Australian Stock Report’s research team to plan and deliver new educational content, providing value, demonstrating Australian Stock Report’s expertise and continuing to deliver excellent search results.

We also created new content to make the site a more effective inbound tool, including detailed profiles of Australian companies, which was previously behind a paywall, delivering more value to site users. This approach ensures that we provide high quality information and deliver more quality leads, while protecting Australian Stock Report’s valuable insights.

Our recommendations included introducing tiered service levels to wider access for investors to benefit from ASR’s recommendations. This allowed the business to offer services that are better aligned with their customer segments’ needs, while presenting ASR with an opportunity to broaden its revenue base.

Making the website easier for the Australian Stock Report team was also a core focus. We ensured that the marketing team will spend less time maintaining the site and more time on delivering value to the business.

Smart use of automated feeds allows Australian Stock Report to share valuable stock market information with visitors, without the need to manually update information.

New landing page formats make it simple for the marketing team to roll-out and optimise landing pages, without the need for in-house development resource to be involved with the whole process.