Financial Services Digital Campaigns

Digital channels, both established and emerging, provide an unprecedented opportunity to reach your customers in direct, interactive and compelling ways. Never before has it been possible to target your ideal prospects and nurture them through the entire buying process to pass onto your sales teams, measuring your ROI as you do so.

While reaching your audiences through digital channels is essential, Yell also understands that transactions in many financial services sectors are still based on personal relationships.

That’s why we combine our deep knowledge of the industry with cutting-edge digital tactics to reach your buying personas at the right time and with the right content to deliver more of these relationship-based outcomes.

But we don’t stop there. We also help you implement the analytics tools you need to measure and optimise your campaign and demonstrate the ROI of all activity.

Our process

All digital campaigns start with a thorough briefing process, to ensure that we understand the opportunities and objectives of the campaign, and a review of your current digital environment.

Before beginning, we’ll review:

  • Your data – where it lives and how it works together
  • Your content – what you currently have and where it sits in the sales funnel
  • Your processes – how you currently move people through the funnel towards a conversion
  • Your technology – what tools you already use
  • Your analytics – whether you are measuring the right things and whether your reports been set up correctly.

Once we have a thorough understanding of all of the above, we develop the campaign strategy that will deliver the right message through the right channels at the right time, then put it into action.

Lead generation

With a tried and tested approach, best-practice technology and engaging creative, our lead generation campaigns deliver an active approach to finding, qualifying and delivering high quality leads.

And because we understand that financial services can have complex multi-stage sales cycles with many inputs, we’ll work with you to plan and deliver a campaign that works within your individual sales process.

Every lead generation campaign we develop has a focus on analytics, optimisation and continual improvement, so your campaign becomes more effective and more efficient as it progresses.

Inbound marketing

At Yell, we love inbound marketing for its ability to bring potential customers to you. It’s the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

The Yell approach to inbound marketing is a combination of creating tailored, compelling content and lead generation strategies that drive qualified leads for your business.

From technical whitepapers and thought leadership articles, to industry news and optimised landing pages, we focus on high-quality, engaging and shareable content. Content that better communicates your offer and delivers targeted web traffic, backed up by data insights and competitor analysis.

Yell in action

Learn more about the ‘Top Trader’ campaign where we partnered with Saxo Capital Markets to offer a trading game which delivered hundreds of fresh leads to Australian Stock Report.