Financial Services Content Marketing

Great content can be used to attract organic visitors to your website, as the cornerstone of a demand generation campaign or to shape perceptions of your brand and build trust.

Many Financial Services organisations struggle with producing engaging, effective content. Constrained by compliance and thwarted by many levels of approvals, they rely on tried-and-tested tactics and fall back to traditional, copy-heavy white-papers.

Our deep experience of working across the financial services industry gives us the ability to work within regulations to create engaging content that starts a conversation with your customers, gives your brand an authoritative voice and creates a trusting relationship between customers and your business.

Whether it’s for a B2C or B2B audience, Yell has the creativity and experience to craft the right content to deliver the right message at the right time.

Here’s just some of the ways we do it:

Content Marketing strategy

Developing and documenting a robust content strategy is key to ensuring that you are providing the content that your customers need at each stage of their decision-making and buying journey.

By ensuring that we truly understand your customers and their motivators, we make sure that we have the right content, delivered through the right medium, at the right time to help them make the right choice.

Animation and Explainer Videos

Our bespoke financial services explainer videos use custom animation to tell our customers’ stories simply and beautifully.

We focus on turning potentially complex explanations into refreshing simple stories through concise messaging and engaging visuals; giving your audience an instant understanding of the benefits you offer and a desire to find out more.


Financial services infographics are an incredibly effective way of translating large amounts of data into beautiful and easy-to-understand visuals, giving your audience an instant understanding of your message.

At Yell, we format our infographics to encourage sharing, so your message and brand spreads organically.

You can check out our infographic we created for our client XTB


For thought-leadership content, or to deliver a ‘how to’ explanation, financial services eBooks have replaced whitepapers as the medium of choice.

Incorporating eye-catching visuals and a more conversational tone, eBooks are the perfect tool for financial services lead generation.

We use them to engage our clients’ audience in the research phase of their journey, delivering them huge value and ensuring that you cement your position as the go-to source of trusted information.


Financial services whitepapers still have a clear role for a professional audience. As a way to deliver substantive content that educates, not sells; present new ideas that provoke innovative thinking and showcase well-researched and data-derived findings they are still the best medium.

Our technical writers have the knowledge and experience to present your insights to a professional audience and position you as a leader in your sector.

Live action videos

With statistics proving that video is increasing in effectiveness as sales tool every year, live action video is an opportunity to put a human face on your organisation and start a direct conversation with prospects.

From voxpops to long-form content, the Yell video production team can create polished and engaging financial service video content without the big-agency budgets.

Content Amplification

Whether it’s through paid, owned or earned channels, our understanding of your target audience means that we can expand the reach of your content to position it in front of the right person, at the right time.