Financial Services Campaign Strategy

Financial services marketing is constantly evolving, with new channels, new services and new start-ups appearing at an ever-increasing rate.

The team at Yell understands that combining new channels and tactics with traditional sales processes can be difficult. Customer journeys are becoming more fragmented with multiple on- and off-line touchpoints, and the huge increase in analytical data now available can make decision-making more difficult, rather than easier.

Yell’s approach to financial services campaign strategy development is at all times focused on your business objectives, ensuring that each campaign is tightly tailored to your organisation’s specific situation and goals. We understand the nuances of the Australian financial services environment and ensure that all campaigns are integrated with your business’s sales model and contribute to delivering your organisation’s strategic goals.

Our process

Whether it’s a one-off campaign or a 12-month marketing plan, we begin each strategy process with a detailed brief to ensure that we fully understand the opportunities and the objectives of the campaign.

All of our strategies are grounded in customer and organisational insights. We don’t do anything until we define your buying and influencing personas, understanding their needs and behaviours.

We understand that there are different types of buyers for financial services products and each has different requirements and paths to purchase:

  • Self-directed buyers – who conduct their own research, make their own decisions and make their purchase without advice.
  • Validators – informed buyers who research their purchase but are not yet confident enough to make the final purchase decision without confirming their choice with an expert.
  • Delegators – who are often too busy to perform research themselves and need someone to make a recommendation on the best course of action to take and then action it on their behalf.

Once we have a thorough understanding of the target audience, we then apply our planning frameworks to deliver a strategy that delivers on your communication goals, but also ensures that you can measure and report ROI to the business.

What we deliver

Whether the objective of the campaign is sales enablement, demand generation or brand awareness, we begin each campaign strategy without any pre-conceived ideas about the messaging or medium.

We combine our research with our thorough understanding of the financial industry and the constantly evolving communications landscape, to deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time to achieve your objectives.

And because we understand how important it is for every campaign to demonstrate its contribution, every digital campaign that Yell Creative conducts has a firm focus on analytics, optimisation and reporting. We work with you to ensure that we set and measure against quantified goals which are meaningful for your business, meaning that effectiveness can be measured and contribution to the bottom line demonstrated.

Once the campaign strategy is agreed, we’ll then move on to delivering the campaign, including everything from developing a campaign identity to planning, buying and delivering the media.

Yell in action

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