Financial Services Brand Strategy

At Yell Creative, we like marketing maestro Seth Godin’s definition of what a ‘brand’ is: “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

Most financial services organisations find it difficult to define their story and the reasons that consumers should choose them above their competitors. Many struggle to clearly express what it is that they do (providing ‘a range of financial services’ doesn’t define what makes you special). The lack of differentiation and unclear positioning seen in every sector of the financial services industry means consumers have to work harder to understand why they should choose one organisation over another. Instead of clarity, they get confusion.

This is where the Yell Creative financial services brand strategy approach can help. We’re experts at finding exactly what it is that makes a business different; the distinct differentiators that creates a connection with your customers, firmly occupying a space in their mind and driving them towards a positive decision.

In a world of bland brands and unclear offerings, a distinct and engaging brand positioning is your unfair advantage.

Our process

Our brand strategy process begins with thorough research, where we ensure that we understand both the head and the heart of your business.

We make no apologies for being exhaustive in our research. We use internal workshops, qualitative and quantitative research, competitor reviews and interviews with customers and prospects to supplement our own knowledge of the financial services industry. This ensures that we have a thorough understanding of your organisation and what you’re actually delivering.

More than just the products and services that you offer, we unearth the real benefits that your organisation delivers to customers, because it’s these benefits that will make a real connection with your customers. We know that the most successful financial services brands are the ones that speak straight to the heart of their customers, as well as their head.

What we deliver

In a world where brand strategy can often be vague and opaque, Yell delivers straight-forward and compelling brand propositions that connect with your customers.

We break your brand down into six sections:

  • Brand Mission: What you promise to accomplish for your clients. What are you going to do right now?
  • Brand Vision: What your organisation is striving to be in the future. Where are you going?
  • Your value proposition:  What is unique offer that differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Brand Values: What are the values that outwardly epitomise your organisation, products and employees.
  • Brand Promise: What will your brand deliver for your customers – no matter what…
  • Brand Essence: The brand’s promise expressed in its simplest, shortest and clearest form.
Communicating your brand strategy

Once your brand strategy has been defined, our design team takes over to deliver a visual identity that communicates your purpose and points of difference.

From visual identity to tone of voice, we’ll ensure that your communications and design convey your brand positioning clearly and in a way that creates real connections with your customers. Find out more about our visual identity development here.

Yell in action

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