What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
  • Content development
The work

Registry Direct is an upstart in the share registry management industry. In a market consisting of long established, traditional registry services firms, Registry Direct represents a fresh, dynamic new entrant. Having established a prototype, they came to Yell to help take them to the next level.

The first step was to define their brand strategy and visual identity, creating the foundations from which their brand story can be told.

Taking the Registry Direct team through our brand strategy process enabled us to collaboratively clarify those foundations, creating the brief for the visual identity development. Our process also enabled us to find the true benefits of their offer, finding the magic differentiators that lead to a compelling brand story.

The solution

Our workshop process revealed an uplifting and exciting position for Registry Direct – taking a functional offer and seeing the underlying benefit of empowering shareholders and employees.

At it’s heart, Registry Direct is ‘Empowering ownership’, making life simpler, bringing shareholders closer and inspiring employees – it’s a compelling position, which allowed us to develop a stunning visual identity.

We developed a brand that captures the Registry Direct experience, using a simple, open typeface and a bright, dynamic brand symbol to demonstrate connection, inspiration and engagement. Our use of colour, plus the interconnected device truly differentiated it from the market and provides us with a rich visual toolset, which can be used across Registry Direct’s channels and marketing collateral.