The work

Arch Finance provides finance to commercial real estate mortgage brokers to allow them to acquire properties, restructure debt or finance new developments.

Like many organisations, Arch’s website struggled to clearly communicate their value proposition, trying to appeal to multiple audiences in an effort to ensure that no prospects fell through the gaps. In reality though, the messaging lacked clarity making it difficult to channel users through the funnel to a conversion.

As well as educating prospects on Arch Finance’s value proposition, a major objective of the site website is to generate qualified leads for their sales team. Here again the current site wasn’t meeting expectations, with content and page layouts that didn’t lead prospects logically towards a registration.

Arch Finance asked Yell to undertake a brand refresh and to redesign the website to more clearly communicate their value proposition and improve lead generation.

The solution

Yell began the engagement by clarifying audience needs, with the development of a detailed primary user persona. Understanding user needs allowed us to develop a tightly-focused value proposition, which could then be leveraged as a platform to communicate why Arch should be chosen over competitors.

From there, Yell developed a new brand identity – an evolution of the existing brand incorporating a new logomark, colour palette, imagery style and typography. Striking a balance between modernity and simplicity, while feeling professional and trustworthy, Arch Finance’s new brand visually supports the newly-focused content and messaging.

A new, more focused digital experience was then designed, ensuring that users were presented with the information they needed, when they needed it to aid understanding and decision-making.

A key change was moving the focus of the website’s content from inwardly focusing on Arch Finance itself – its team, products and features – to focusing on the benefits that Arch Finance’s clients receive from working with them. Case studies were developed to communicate Arch Finance’s pedigree within the space and demonstrate its effectiveness.

Finally, the whole site was designed with lead generation as a primary objective. Content, layout and interactions focus on delivering qualified leads to the sales team, to ensure that the website can be the centre of a business growth engine.